The high price of extras

Many pool companies attract customers with prices that are unreasonably low – only to dramatically increase the final cost with a variety of surcharges, fees, change orders and handful of excuses.
That’s not how we do business. Kuykendall Custom Pools has developed a favorable reputation for providing an accurate forecast of what your project will cost – and when it will be done.
If you’re interested in specialty water features, such as spas, waterfalls or weeping walls, the time to plan them is at the beginning, during the design phase. Once construction starts, additional elements can cause significant – and expensive – delays.
Equally important to the pool shopper is knowing your prospective builder has the knowledge and experience to incorporate water features into a comprehensive and properly engineered project. Smart shoppers check to see if the company does all the work themselves or subs it out to others who may – or may not – be qualified, bonded and insured.

If the company proposing to build your pool uses flex-pipe anywhere except a spa, run. If a builder tells you four returns is enough, walk out the door.
If a builder suggests using anything other than licensed plumbers and electricians, you’re taking a risk. If something goes wrong – and it doubtless will – you’ll be the one who has to pay to have it fixed. And while you’re at it, make sure your builder has a solid liability policy in place. That big hole being dug is a major expense – and it’s right next to your house, an even bigger expense.

It’s not how big you make it – it’s how you make it big

Talk is cheap, pools cost money

More often than not, the only person you’ll talk to before signing a contract is the salesman. Some are honorable, knowledgeable, dependable people. Most are not.
People who work on commission tend to sell the dream and leave others to service the nightmare. Make sure everything promised is written in the agreement. Verbal assurances aren’t worth much if your part-time salesman takes off for greener pastures. And once you’ve signed, you won’t likely see that salesman again – until he’s selling cars or whole house water filtration systems.
With Kuykendall Custom Pools, you deal with our year-round staff – including the owners Rick and Cheryl Kuykendahl. We encourage you to ask all the questions you need to make an informed decision. Talk to our previous customers. Talk to people in the industry.
Because when you take the time to find out about quality pool construction, you’ll come to Kuykendall Custom Pools.
We guarantee it.

Price is important...

Value is MORE important. Saving 10 percent on a pool may look like a good decision until the pump fails, the decking cracks or the pool plumbing begins to leak. Unscrupulous builders can reduce the cost of a pool be taking shortcuts in construction and providing undersized pumps and plumbing.
It’s also important to check out the details. Sometimes a 16’x32’ pool package refers to the size of the decking around a pool, not the pool itself. It’s important to be sure you get what you pay for.
Build an expensive house on a poor foundation problems are sure to arise – most likely after the one year guarantee is up. Pool repairs can be expensive – very expensive. It’s important to get the job done right the first time.
Kuykendall Custom Pools provides a minimum guarantee of two years on all construction and major mechanical systems. If there is a problem, we’ll fix it.
Kuykendall Custom Pools offers quality pools that last – and we do it at extremely competitive rates.

There’s a reason nearly 75 percent of our residential and commercial business comes from personal and professional referrals. Talk to a Kuykendall Custom Pool customer about the way we do business.

Choosing the right pool builder

When it comes to finding a company to build the pool of your dreams, talk to your friends and neighbors who have pools. More than likely, they’ll tell you who NOT to use.
It’s a sad fact, but many pool companies do not have the talent, experience or financial stability to deliver a quality pool to their customers. Unfortunately the promise of pretty pictures too often leads to shoddy workmanship and expensive repairs.
As Houston’s leading pool builder, Kuykendall Custom Pools goes to great lengths to ensure its customers receive personalized service throughout the design and construction phase of their pool. And in the unlikely event you need assistance after the work is done, we’ll be here.
The same may not be true of many pool companies. Contact the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau and see how many complaints have been filed against cheap, fly-by-night pool companies.
Indeed, many unscrupulous operators take deposits from new customers to finance construction of their other projects. All too often they disappear in the night, shutting down operations – only to reopen soon after under a new identity.
The name may have changed, but the questionable method of doing business has not.

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